About the Company

At GSLS we believe we provide the best cash logistics service in the market. We understand the importance of cash services to our customers, whether this is Cash In Transit, Cash Processing or the Supply of Notes and Coin.

In 2009 GSLS were awarded the Retail Excellence Ireland Overall Supplier of the Year.

GSLS are the first cash in Transit Company to win this prestige’s award.

Coupled with the company’s belief in customer service is an understanding that value for money is the key driver in these difficult times. We ensure that our business is run in an efficient manner.

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Contact Details

Siobhan Plunkett, Commercial Director

Telephone: 01 4605 888
Mobile: 086 2507048
Email: splunkett@gsls.ie
Website: www.gsls.ie

Denise McCarthy, Sales Manager

Telephone: 01 4605 888
Mobile: 087 1465085
Email: dmccarthy@gsls.ie
Website: www.gsls.ie

GSLS Cash Solutions Supplier

GSLS have created a most valuable members deal for CSNA that offers our members significant savings on bank charges whilst improving security procedures and minimising financial risk and staff safety.

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