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The Foodcheck system removes all the paper from HACCP, is easy to use with touch screen interface and requires little up- front cost.

Probes, sensors and tablet screens are provided with a minimal down payment. This suite of hardware will capture all CCP checks and measurements quickly at the right place and time.

A library of this data is kept in your account and reports are generated to make your reports clear, concise and compliant to the highest standards. You can view current and historical data on your account and receive regular reports (daily) by email.

With offices in Ireland and the UK, the Kelsius team of experienced consultants have installed temperature monitoring systems at over 600 customer sites in retailers, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and catering companies.

FoodCheck is an intuitive simple system with touch screen symbols for any user that understands the core requirements of maintaining your HACCP – say goodbye to pen and paper!

The temperature of your fridges is recorded constantly through a network of discreet sensors that upload the temperatures to your database. In the event that there is a sudden rise in temperature (fridge failure) the system will go into alarm and text you and your managers by SMS to your mobile.

Wall mounted tablets with simple user interface allow quick and easy recording of tasks and corrective actions and guide the users through menus with symbols and icons for all regular duties. Alarms and reminders can help the user to stay on target with any of the routine rotas.

A variety of probes can be used for incoming goods checks and regular monitoring checks whether cool or hot. The temperature recorded is wirelessly captured by the system and stored (when confirmed by the user) for inclusion in the database and subsequent reporting or audits.

The Traceability Labelling system with printer allows full visibility of batches and product through your store, gives you and your customer peace of mind and maximum control, and minimises risk and liability as an optional extra at a cost of €200.

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Take the Hassel out of HACCP with Foodcheck systems by Kelsius – the latest revolutionary cloud-based solution for complete food safety control. Kelsius designs and manufactures cutting edge systems for the wireless collection of HACCP records in the retail, health and food services industries.

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