CSNA Deals

CSNA Members now enjoy more value from their memberships and commercial savings for their business with our CSNA Deals Initiative. On behalf of our Members we have extensively researched the market and used our combined buying power as a national independent retail organisation to get the best deals in the marketplace. These deals will ensure significant savings and a best in market service for all our members. It is our intention to continue reviewing and improving these offerings on your behalf on an ongoing basis. As a member of the CSNA you are eligible for very generous discounts and best in class deals where 100% of the benefits go to our members from the following providers;

EDGE Media

EDGE MEDIA look after all maintenance and installation of the screens. Any issues that may arise will be flagged on our software and a technician will be dispatched to fix.

EDGE MEDIA is digitizing the retail shelf. We are a new digital media and advertising company that provides real time advertising content on digital screens, right at the Point-of-Decision.

We target 3 categories: Minerals – Alcohol – Confectionary.

The screens, called ‘SHELFIES’ attach directly onto the shelf-edge and display appropriate advertising for each category. Content on the screens run on a 30s loop of 3x10s slots. We sell these slots to advertisers, with any space we don’t sell, offered back to the retailers for their own use.

The screens are 1 metre in length and 80mm in height. We place a clear SEL strip behind the screen to display pricing. We can move the screens up or down depending on space available on the shelving unit. We never install screens that will hinder access to product in any way.

Shoppers of all age groups and demographics respond positively to digital engagement in-store. Our screens increase sales and brighten the shelving units, engaging with the customer in a way that inspires a response.

7up straight

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