CSNA Deals

CSNA Members now enjoy more value from their memberships and commercial savings for their business with our new Members Deals Initiative. On behalf of our Members we have extensively researched the market and used our combined buying power as a national independent retail organisation to get the best deals in the marketplace. These deals will ensure significant savings and a best in market service for all our members. It is our intention to continue reviewing and improving these offerings on your behalf on an ongoing basis. As a member of the CSNA you are eligible for very generous discounts and best in class deals where 100% of the benefits go to our members from the following providers;


Established in 2003, Omnivend is a Waterford based company 100%  Irish owned. We have operated in this space for the past 15 years providing a world-class network of self-service kiosks that offer consumers the convenience and the ability to control how they pay the things they need to pay.

At Omnivend you can top up your mobile phone, pay your local property tax, top up prepay credit cards, pay bin charges, toll charges, International call cards and pay your household bills. We also provide a cost effective, wide reaching advertising capability through our kiosk network.

Businesses can also benefit from the cost effective advertising with a wide reach. Each kiosk scrolls a maximum of 20 advertisements per 10 seconds each, meaning your advertisement gets screened over 400 times per day.

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