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CSNA Members now enjoy more value from their memberships and commercial savings for their business with our CSNA Deals Initiative. On behalf of our Members we have extensively researched the market and used our combined buying power as a national independent retail organisation to get the best deals in the marketplace. These deals will ensure significant savings and a best in market service for all our members. It is our intention to continue reviewing and improving these offerings on your behalf on an ongoing basis. As a member of the CSNA you are eligible for very generous discounts and best in class deals where 100% of the benefits go to our members from the following providers;


The QZconnect Managed Service is achieved by using quality terminal equipment, with a unique level of DSL and 3G integration, powerful VPN capabilities, which routes all traffic through a Questzones core network that provides high traffic visibility, traffic re-routing, and full remote management facilities. This is further underpinned by an approach to site organisation that focuses on clean and neat connections, and on ease of maintenance and ease of expansion.


Central to the service is QZconnect’s Retail Communications Hub; this is a comprehensive solution, designed to give genuine peace of mind to the retailer, with its key attributes delivering key benefits, thus:

  • Managed Service          Delivers reliability and peace of mind
  • Tailored                          Flexibly designed to meet all Retail needs
  • Rationalised                  Cleanly wired and efficient central hub
  • Resilient                         Broadband with seamless 3G failover
  • Efficient                         Easy to maintain and grow
  • Economical                   Eliminate unnecessary lines
  • Secure                             Networking via discrete VPN service
  • Simple                            Easy to migrate & simple billing


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