Sanitising Options For Stores

Sanitising Options For Stores

April 20th, 2020

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As you are aware there are many sanitising options for stores available, but as this situation will more than likely be here for the long term we need to think of cost effective ways to provide this service to our customers.

We have contacted a number of members to understand some of the measures that they are taking in relation to hand sanitising, sanitising trolleys and baskets that may be helpful to other members.

If you are doing something different and is cost effective for your business and would like to share this with other members in the Association please contact Laura on 045-535050 or info@csna.ie.

Udder Wipes: A number of members are currently using “udder wipes” these can be purchased in your local co-op/farm supply store. Each bucket contains up to 1,000 wipes this encourages customers to only use 1 wipe to sanitise the basket/trolley that they are using. We would encourage members to wrap a sheet around the bucket to encourage customers to only use 1 wipe. 

Disinfectant Spray and Blue Roll Paper: Another option that some members are using is a disinfectant spray and blue roll paper. This is normally left on a table in the area that the baskets or trolleys are kept. It encourages customers to disinfect their trolley or basket before entering the store. 

If you use any of the above options please ensure that you have a bin available in the same area for customers to correctly dispose of the wipe or paper.

Automatic Hand Sanitiser: There is a product available from ille that will automatically dispense the correct amount of hand sanitiser to customers to stop customers using excessive amounts of hand sanitiser. You can contact ille on (051) 441 000

Hand Sanitiser Bottles: Many members are currently placing bottles of hand sanitiser  at the entrance to the store and also at till points.  Many of our members have used SFM Energy to purchase 185ml bottles of hand sanitiser. Each bottle costs the retailer €2.50 plus VAT. We recommend that you sell each bottle for €4.95. The minimum order is 40 boxes (25 bottles in a box). If you dont have the storage space for the boxes or feel that you won’t sell all the bottles, some of our members have connected with other stores in their area to split the quantity that is delivered. There is also 2.5 litre bottles of hand sanitiser to refill your store dispensers available. To order or to find out more please call Alan Greally on 087-9691091

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