Rates & Valuations FAQ

Revaluation FAQs

What is a Revaluation
Frequency of Revaluations as required under section 25 of the Valuation Act 2001 , as amended by the Valuation (Amendment) Act 2015?
What areas are being revalued?
What are Local Authority Rates?
What is a Valuation?


What is a Valuation List?
How is the Valuation of my property assessed?
What happens if my property is owner occupied?
How will the Revaluation be carried out?
What happens if I do not receive documents from the Valuation Office?


What shall I do when I receive the revaluation pack?
Am I obliged to complete a Revaluation Information Form?


What if I am dissatisfied with my valuation?
Is there a further appeal process?
Is a decision of the Valuation Tribunal final?
When will my new valuation come into effect?
Is the Valuation of my property the same as my Rates liability?
Will the Revaluation affect the amount of rates I will pay?
Will the Revaluation increase the overall Rates income of my local authority?
Who should I contact for further information?