How To Register

Registration is now open for all retailers, regardless of whether you opt for a manual return point, a reverse vending machine, or if you intend to apply for an exemption. It’s important to note that all retailers must complete their registration by October 30th. For those considering the use of reverse vending equipment, it’s a good time to start planning where such a machine could be conveniently located within your store.

All retailers need to register for the Deposit Return Scheme here by October 30th. Registration for the Deposit Return Scheme is a legal obligation for all retailers.

What Do You Need To Register?

Sole Trader:

As a sole trader, you are not required to upload any documentation during the registration process. However, there is an option for you to upload any relevant documentation if you believe it would be beneficial.


As a company a retailer will need to have the below information in advance of beginning their registration process.

1. CRO number

2. Trading Name


Download (PDF, 2.56MB)