Alcohol Consultation

The Association has this week provided our considered views on several aspects relating to licensing and sale of alcohol to the Department of Justice.

We have sought changes to the Application and Court system , we accept there is a judicial aspect to new and transferral of licences but believe renewals are an administrative function and should be carried out in by Revenue and NELO.

We also suggest the streamlining of licences rather than the current arcane models employed.

We have demanded that the current and totally unreasonable restrictions on Sunday be rescinded and that shops be permitted to sell alcohol at the same (10.30) time as permitted on the other days of the week.

We have also made our views known on online sales and remote delivery as it is an area that needs a greater level of accountability.

Finally, we have asked the Department to arrange the Annual publication of statistics regarding Test Purchasing of Alcohol by underage volunteers working alongside AGS. These statistics should include the instances of each style of licence visited and the outcomes by individual Garda Divisions.