Are You Checking Your Invoices?

We have been notified with members having issues regarding invoicing and pricing with 2 different companies that we would like to make the membership aware of.

Waste Bag Supplier

They have been charging a member €778 for 100 dry mixed recycling bags, the price was €713.67. This error came in November. Our member did contact them and was advised that they are aware of the error but there are too many customers for them to be checking for the incorrect pricing and are waiting for the customer to call in to say there is an error on their account!! The price for the general waste bags correct. Our member has also had ongoing issues with invoicing from this company since November.

This is not the first time our member has had issues with them, it has happened that they have charged for deliveries twice. We would advise all members that have delivered from this company to double check their invoices from them.

Nationwide Pest Control Company

The Nationwide Pest control company are having serious staffing issues with people on the service end of things and over the last year have billed our member for their regular 8 visits but only gave the store 3 visits as they pay by cheque they are not paying each quarter as they were aware that they were not providing the service but had this member been on direct debit they may not have noticed and would probably not have received a refund. This is the 2nd time in 4 years that this has happened to this store. We would advised all members to ensure that they are receiving the correct number of visits that they are paying for.

If you would like more information on the above 2 companies please contact 045-535050.