Brexit – How Ready Are You?

Brexit – How Ready Are You?

July 16th, 2019

Brexit – The single greatest change to the way we do business is less than 6 months away – how ready are you?


Every Government Department, semi-state body and Regulatory Authority have been working feverishly since the decision by the UK election to opt for Brexit.

There are very significant pieces of information on Revenue registration (for an EORI number), customs declaration requirement, advice on customs, cash-flow, product clarification, contracts and plans, in fact all things Brexit can be obtained through the following.

Local Enterprise Offices                                   www.localenterprise.ie

Revenue                                                               brexitqueries@revenue.ie

Department of Agriculture                              brexitcall@agriculture.gov.ie

Department of Business, Enterprise             info@dbei.gov.ie

NSAI                                                                    brexitunit@nsai.ie

Health and Safety Authority                          wcu@hsa.ie

From next week Revenue will be providing a mailshot to all businesses that their records show have dealings with UK entities reminding them that they will need to obtain a EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number.

This is not the VAT number, this is not your track and trace (tobacco) number, nor is it a business registration/companies office number; it is linked to your VAT number but is provided by Revenue to every Irish-based trader interacting with custom authorisation throughout the EU, and must be obtained if directly importing any product from the UK after Brexit. Revenue engaged an additional 450 staff in March, many of these will be utilised in one-on-one phone calls and visits to traders in advance of Brexit to facilitate a seamless transition.

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