The announcement by the Minister for Finance that the Government had agreed to introduce a Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme must be seen as a welcome acknowledgement that viable businesses need assistance in these difficult times. It is also a significant victory for those retailers that lobbied vigorously to be heard and heeded.

CSNA had expended considerable resources in appraising the Cabinet and all elected representatives that we were justifiably fearful of what the future would hold for our retail members if the Budget ignored their very real needs for direct aid.

Initially there was a lack of understanding from both the TDs and Department officials on the scale of the increases that we had begun to see early in the year, and it wasn’t until dozens of retailers showed their electricity and gas bills (and comparative previous bills) that the penny dropped. There was an attempt to bring in a loan scheme, but this was, thankfully, removed and in its place, we have the Revenue- organised TBESS which will be , we hope, relatively easy to understand and access.

CSNA will provide our observations to Revenue as was the case for the previous Support Schemes, leading to over 10 different amended versions to the Original Scheme. We will be happy to make enquiries on your ( anonymous ) behalf if you contact us.