Cash Register Records

Management of cash register data

Accessibility of data within a reasonable period of time.

  • Is the data retained in such a manner that it is in a legible format and accessible within a reasonable period of time? This is necessary in cases where a Revenue inspection is being conducted
  • Can the data be independently verified?
  • Can the data be reproduced within a reasonable period of time in the event of a system upgrade or where a new (cash) payment system has been introduced?

System Settings

  • Are the details of the system settings retained?
  • Are changes to the system settings recorded with the transaction data?

Memory Capacity

  • Does your cash register have sufficient memory capacity to retain all transaction data for a period of six years? If not, you must upgrade your memory capacity or back up the transactions data in such a way that it is capable of being reproduced in both electronic and printed format.

Replacing A Cash Register

  • Can your new cash register restore electronic transaction data from the old cash register, EPOS storage system or backup devices? If not, the cash register to which the original data relates will need to be retained until the retention period for the records has passed. Alternatively, the data should be transferred in its entirety to another medium so that the data can be reproduced, if required.

Security Of Cash Register Data

Securing data

  • Is the transaction data secured against subsequent inappropriate changes?
  • When securing the transaction data from the electronic journals or the cash register tally rolls, the data must be secured in such a way that the data will not be lost and cannot be manipulated.

Audit trail

  • Is the data retained and secured in such a manner that changes to the original data can be traced?


  • In physical terms, is the data properly secured in the event of fire, theft or breakdown etc?
  • Archive procedures should ensure the integrity and readability of electronic transaction data throughout the storage period. Where data is encrypted the business should ensure that the encryption keys are held along with the data.
  • If you have any questions regarding the capabilities of your cash register, contact the supplier of your cash register and/or software provider.

Requirements for the Revenue Commissioners

  • Cash registers and point of sale systems, together with the records created or produced by them, form part of the records required to be retained by a business for tax purposes. These registers or systems and associated records may be required to be produced for inspection by the tax authorities at any time. In particular, in the event of a Revenue visit they may be subject to inspection. The electronic cash register and point of sale system records are required to have the date, time and sequential number that uniquely identify each transaction. This is mandatory from July 2008.
  • Failure to comply with these obligations can result in prosecution, the charging of interest and penalties on any underpayment of tax and inclusion on the tax defaulters’ list for publication.