CAUTION – Check Your Security Measures TODAY!

We have been notified by numerous members of a series of robberies in the Limerick area. In one instance the individuals were able to bypass the key opening/closing pad for shutters very quickly! The individuals then broke the glass in the sliding entrance doors to gain entry to the store, once inside they proceeded to the cigarette gantry where they stole numerous products and also stole the contents from the tobacco drawers below.

These robberies took place in these Limerick stores over the space of a couple #

of weeks with the thieves entering and leaving one of the stores within 3 minutes, all the reported break ins were at night-time and not during opening hours.

We would encourage and advise all members to review their current security measures and procedures as this gang will without a doubt travel across the country to other stores.

We have also included some images from these store break ins below: