CCPC on Fishing Expedition

Many fuel retailers this week received communications from the CCPC (formerly the Competition Authority) requesting that they fill out an extraordinarily detailed questionnaire regarding fuel sales in the most recent month

We believe that the CCPC are on a fishing expedition seeking “evidence” or” facts “to justify what will no doubt be an extensive exercise to back up the extremely hostile furore whipped up by politicians and commentators totally ignorant of the realities of fuel retailing.

Unless CCPC finds conclusive evidence of collusion or Cartel-like behaviour, no laws were broken by retailers. Unfortunately, many owners, managers and their staff were subjected to the most sustained, vile and threatening behaviour from hard-pressed motorists who had been fed a false diet of hope and blame.

This questionnaire is voluntary, you may or may not be able to find the time to reply, it’s not as if there aren’t 100 more pressing matters on your desk.

Although the letter provides a legislative backing for compelling a retailer to respond, in such an instance they would need to prove the need to get your response as a vital and necessary component of a directed investigation.

The people designing the questionnaire are literally seeking an hour-by-hour reporting of deliveries and sales, incl VAT and ex VAT, volume, and value for a 20-day period.

It’s your call- if we could get assurances that CCPC would investigate the very public calls to boycott certain brands and establishments we would be more inclined to have faith in this process.