Community Engagement Day – November 24th

Members may recall an initiative spearheaded by the IFA and GAA two years ago that enabled hundreds of meetings with the local Community Gardai throughout the country.

The purpose of these meetings was to introduce the Garda to the community and for locals to get an opportunity to listen to a number of practical advice on safety and security.

Many of these meetings were held in the local shop, the local community hall or the GAA clubhouse.

The organisers, the National Rural Safety Forum, have asked CSNA to extend an invitation to all of its members throughout the country to consider making their store a venue for an hour on the 24th of November to enable a “getting to know your local Garda” event.

This event was originally planned for October, a number of members had previously indicated their willingness to facilitate the occasion and their details have already been passed on to the organisers. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HOST IN YOUR AREA, please email info@csna.ie and we will make it happen.

This is a very simple way of demonstrating your important role in the community; over 500 venues will be used, make sure that YOURS is one of them.