Costly Mistake


The Summer edition ( delivered 16th June, RRP €5.99) of one of Irelands top selling “glossy” magazines, IMAGE was recalled on August 11th and claims for unsold crediting were “closed” at the direction of the publishers by their distributors, Newspread 10 days later on the 21st of August.

The next edition ( Autumn) arrived on September 1st.

We have been made aware that a number of retailers returned their unsold copies of the SUM edition in the days subsequent to the new edition arriving; unfortunately, those unsolds were rejected as “Returned too late”, a rejection that means the retailer has lost the cost price of the title, which in this instance is €4.13 per copy.

It’s very possible during the summer period that casual, part time workers are engaged to give holiday relief; if this is the case, it’s really important that they are adequately trained, and their output monitored.

Make sure that your news and magazine staff view our CSNA training videos which you can access as follows:  CSNA websiteHome PageMenu BarServicesCSNA Training Videos.