CSNA Advice For LEAP Retailers

There would appear to be a most distasteful and unethical approach being taken by some representatives from PostPoint attempting to persuade-cajole-bully current LEAP retailers into abandoning their current supplier (Payzone) and entering into a MUCH more disadvantageous contract with them.

The Terms are a flat fee-rather than an agreed percentage of the RRP, this will literally HALVE current earnings.

The flat fee of 24cent will not allow for an appreciation if and when the ticket prices increase (currently some of the Dublin Bus fares are super-subsidised).

Every Leap retailer will have to pay €500 to have an account opened- with no plan to EVER return it whilst trading, regardless of credit history.

PostPoint refuse to provide ports at their expense, reserve the right to charge for till rolls and, astonishingly, regardless of how large the store is, refuse to consider providing more than one terminal per outlet.

Some retailers with LTA agreements with Payzone have also been informed that they will not be able to have such an agreement with PostPoint.

Many Dublin City retailers have experienced the most difficult of trading over the past 3 years, they are quite understandably annoyed with the NTA for not ensuring their existing T’s and C’s were protected, in the same way the Lottery commission has been ring-fenced.

There is NO reason for retailers to feel that they must sign up at the moment; the Association will continue to work towards an equitable solution that doesn’t require retailers losing over €20,000 PER YEAR and placing their already struggling businesses at risk.

LEAP is a Taxpayer-funded project, it needs to adopt a social responsibility to the retailers.