CSNA Deals Partner – Write The Record

“Write the Record Ltd”  was set up in 2007 to provide a bespoke printing service to convenience stores, restaurant, nursing home, and butchers retail outlets and all businesses that must comply with Irish Food and safety laws, who sell or provide food to the public.

Recognising the resources, time and hidden cost that went into the day to day practice of good record keeping compliance, they devised a way of providing the end user with a convenient compliant printed record system.  The objective is to remove the monotonous chore of printing, filing of HACCP Sheets, cleaning records, management declaration, and Health & Safety records etc.

Write the Record provides each individual business with an easy to use convenient set of tailor-made diaries that are ring bound, predated, personalised, and then delivered to their door. This consists of a 52-week cycle of consolidated HACCP records, cleaning records, traceability, management verification, Health and Safety checks, and now of course Covid- 19. No more printing and filing daily sheets. Everything is delivered in one box in a cost-effective way.

With our vast knowledge of the Food Safety sector we can advise and implement improvements into your daily record compliance procedures.  The most recent example that has impacted us all is the Covid-19 pandemic. We have now produced Covid -19 risk assessments, return to work, fitness to work, contact tracing, and employee declaration checklists.

Included in the cost:

  • HACCP station to house the books
  • Annual Review and amendment opportunity
  • New cleaning items to be included
  • New legislation
  • New equipment
  • Any other changes
  • Email draft before final print
  • Nationwide delivery by courier

Get in touch with Wesley today on 087-9504065 or email wesley@haccprecords.ie.