CSNA Halloween – Helpful Tips

CSNA Halloween – Helpful Tips

October 22nd, 2019


Halloween – Helpful Tips

Here is a list of simple reminders we hope you our valued member finds helpful as we build up to a busy weekend in the industry.

Creepy Confectionery
Make sure you are well stocked with confectionery, we have found that the multiples use this as an opportunity to start selling Christmas tubs and many members have chosen to embrace this trend and profit from it too!

Deadly Displays
Have your barmbracks well displayed, after all now is their time to shine for you and your store! Also perhaps it is worth considering some nice promo spots in your store for popcorn and other snacks too for the trick or treaters to enjoy from arms reach?

Scream it on Social
Have you shown your range on your social media pages? This is a great time to promote your in-store selection on social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter seem to be the most popular for our members’ store, in that order. By using a free app like ‘Pic Monkey’  you can easily add a halloween themed look to your posts. Pic Monkey is available for free in the App Store / Google Play, our popular social media CSNA Skillnet course highly recommends it.

Decorate like Dracula
Decorate your store- it helps generate sales. We all know you simply can’t beat the good auld impulse sale and many of us will be haunted with them over the coming week with a bit of luck! Decorating your store can be a very simple and a cost effective way to drive seasonal impulse buys with your customers. It is also a great way of team building within your store which in turn motivates the entire staff. Not great at it yourself? Why not have delegate this job to a more creative staff member or have a competition for the role amongst a bigger team to boost a healthy sense of competition and morale.

Shocking but Serious
The evening of the 31st should be very busy, CSNA would like to remind you and your team to be mindful of potential under age drinking and monitor it accordingly.

Avoid a Nightmare
Don’t forget public holiday payment for the 28th is applicable 😉

Have that postmortem
We always advise our members to keep notes – the fact remains no matter how good your technology is your standard E.P.O.S. data won’t record what sold out early or what you are left over with. This is essential for ordering your stock next year! A post-seasonal debrief session with your staff members or your management team is a great way to jot down notable trends with a view to capitalising on them next year!

Happy Halloween,

From all the team at CSNA!

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