CSNA Partner GET Solutions Can Help You With SEAI Grant!

CSNA Partner GET Solutions Can Help You With SEAI Grant!

May 7th, 2019

CSNA Member Deals Partners GET Solutions can help CSNA members with the SEAI Grant. GET Solutions provide independent professional advice and complete energy solutions.

GET Solutions enables customers make the right decision at the right time to deliver large cost savings to meet today’s environmental challenges. To find out more and to see how GET Solutions have helped other CSNA members save thousands of €€€’s visit – https://www.csna.ie/get-solutions-presentation/

SEAI Grant

SEAI Grant Details

SMEs can save up to 90% of their lighting electricity costs by upgrading to energy efficient lighting

About the lighting support scheme for SMEs

SEAI want to help SMEs become more competitive and the SME Lighting Support Scheme can provide grant support to upgrade your lighting and reduce your electricity bills.

Since the scheme launched in 2017:

  • SEAI have supported 200 businesses through the scheme to date
  • SEAI have provided financial support of €1.5 million
  • The payback period is 1-2 years on average for grant supported LED upgrades (without the grant the payback is approx. 2-4 years)

Why lighting?

Lighting is a significant cost for many SMEs and is the second highest cost for many businesses after staff costs. New developments in lighting technology, particularly Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, means that businesses can reduce their lighting bills by up to 60% or more.

What support is available?

  • The SME Lighting Support Scheme offers a grant of up to 30% of the eligible approved costs of upgrading existing lighting
  • Eligible costs include product and installation costs. For a full list of eligible costs, please see the Application Guide
  • The grant is for the replacement of existing fittings, not fitting out a new site, and the existing lighting must be in working order at the time of application

Who should apply?

  • SMEs with fewer than 250 employees across all sectors are eligible to apply
  • Your annual turnover must not exceed €50 million
  • Individual business are welcome to apply, but we would encourage you to speak to an experienced lighting supplier in advance of making an application

How to apply

Funding for this scheme is limited, so if you are interested in applying please submit your application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment:

  1. Complete the application form below using the template provided
  2. Please ensure that you submit all the necessary documents with your application (see the check list below)
  3. Submit your application and all the documents via email to: SMEgrants@seai.ie

Unfortunately, SEAI cannot accept handwritten or postal applications.

  1. Please ensure that documents are fully complete and in the correct format (Excel or pdf) before submitting.

Funding is limited, we recommend you apply early. This will also allow more time for the works to be completed.

Please note that the grant is only available for works that have been undertaken after a Grant Agreement (“Letter of Offer”) has been issued by SEAI. Any costs incurred prior to the signing of the Grant Agreement will not be eligible for support.

Please ensure that you read both sets of guidance carefully as some of the Scheme’s rules have changed since last year.

If you have any questions please contact business@seai.ie.

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