CSNA Newspaper and Magazine Top Tips

CSNA Newspaper and Magazine Top Tips

September 24th, 2019

Newspaper and Magazine top tips from CSNA News and Magazines subcommittee Chairperson Carmel Felle

Newspaper and Magazine Top Tips

  1. Count all newspapers and magazines and check supply against delivery docket.
  2. If any shortages, report to supplier and make sure to get a reference number
  3. Maintain displays throughout the day of both newspapers and magazines
  4. Use the CSNA Stockbook to record supplies and returns
  5. Leave newspapers on display until closing time to avoid loss sales
  6. All return parcels should have the relevant suppliers docket with your account number
  7. EM and Newspread parcels should be tied tightly and the docket secured with sellotape
  8. Saturday mornings go through your returns dockets to make sure all returns have been sent back as they need to be returned by Sunday for crediting (if you misplace your returns docket it can be downloaded from both the EM and Newspread website)
  9. Always thoroughly check your credits to make sure you have received all your credits due
  10. If not contact your supplier by Friday of that week at the latest
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