CSNA Security Update

Following on from last week’s article regarding the recent robberies in Limerick we have made some enquires on behalf of our members. After some investigating it is apparent that the thieves bypassed the shutter key lock by removing 1 – 4 screws from the pad and then placing a brace inside to engage the shutter to open!

After some considerations we would encourage members to have a roller shutter floor bolt installed, this will inevitably slow the thieves down and hopefully the sight of a floor bolt lock will defer them from your premises as they increase the risk of being caught by using their time to break through the keypad and the floor bolt.

Whilst you can also have an electronic device added to your keypad that once the cover is removed this will disable the shutter from engaging and opening. This is a costly change for some retailers and therefore we found the floor bolt lock to be the most cost-effective change for members.