Customs Threaten Retailers

Retailers licensed to sell marked gas oil and Kero from their forecourts have recently received a letter (below) from the Customs and Excise Control Unit informing them that if they sell the products to someone that uses the fuel inappropriately, they run the risk of being forced to pay to Customs the “missing” excise.

Various Finance Acts and Statutory Instruments make it a requirement of their licence that a log is kept of all customers, whether wholesale or retail, that buy these fuel products. Failure to show Customs these details (name, reg number, etc) is considered grounds for seeking a payment of the excise on the product improperly sold.

We would suggest that you give consideration to asking your till provider to do a till prompt for sales from your KERO/Marked gas pumps, similar to the alerts on paracetamol and Age Control products and to enter details from your customer on the reverse of a printed receipt, keeping these details secure to show in any subsequent inspection.