Department of Enterprise, Trade And Employment – Living Wage

Public Consultation On The Phase In Of The Living Wage.

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has published (See here) a document inviting the views of stakeholders on the proposed phased introduction of a Living Wage from 2023.

The Low Pay Commission was requested to make recommendations based on the Programme for Government commitment to “progress to a living wage over the lifetime of the Government “.

Submissions are now invited during the six-week consultation period 15 June to 27 July.

CSNA will be making a detailed response on behalf of our members but would also encourage individual members to consider making their own submission .

It would also be very useful for members concerned at this proposal, or any specific aspects of the timing, methodology, etc that they contact us and make us aware of them.

(Phase in the Living Wage – Strawman Proposal)- (See Here)