Distance Selling of E-Cigarettes

Distance Selling of E-Cigarettes

March 18th, 2016

Members are aware that the Department of Health have sought the views of stakeholders on the transposition of the European Directive on Tobacco Control.

One of the queries contained within this consultation document seeks the views of respondents on whether cross-border distance selling should be permitted.

We know that individuals cannot avail of any derogation or tax/duty free status for postal imports for tobacco; this means that there is no economic incentive for an individual wishing to purchase a tobacco brand form outside the country – to avail of Personal Allowances the person must physically accompany the product.

Individual do not have obligation to pay excise duties on e-cigarettes (there are none), and Revenue have stated that it is only if the value of the product is in excess of €150 that vat is “collectable”.

As the Department of Health is considering what bi-lingual health warning is to be placed on the packages for products sold in our stores, we cannot accept that these importations should be given anything other than the same “level playing field” as demanded of those products sold in our stores.

We would welcome any observations from members on this matter.

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