DUBCO – Reminder To Return The Pink Slips

As Members are aware CSNA and Dubco Ireland recently announced their innovative and exciting partnership.  The CSNA who represents retailers big and small nationwide focuses its efforts to benefit all members that’s why this new partnership is giving the CSNA members and their families the opportunity to access a range of financial services such as the Income Tax Plus Low-Rate Loans and other financial services such as Current Account and Budget BillPay.

The launch saw thousands of packs arrive in the post to CSNA members last month announcing the launch of the exciting partnership between the Association and one of Ireland’s most dynamic Credit Unions. The packs which detail the exclusive benefits were not only of interest to the owners, but they are also specifically designed to provide access to low-cost loans for all staff and their families (subject to normal lending criteria).

Members of their local Credit Unions are entitled to be members of more than one Credit Union, Dubco Ireland is simply an extra choice for you, your staff, and your extended families.

All members will have received a pack containing details of a truly unique offering from one of Irelands most dynamic Credit Unions.

For those members wishing to avail of PROVEN lowest rates to assist them in meeting their Revenue (Income Tax) obligations this deal should be of particular interest- we saved over €1,000 for one of our members recently when they took out a 10-month Dubco loan when compared with the same amount and period from one of the Pillar Banks.

The absolutely great part of this Deal is that not only is it available to you, the CSNA member, it is ALSO available to your family and perhaps equally important, where staff retention and the need to maintain good working relationships was never as crucial, this CSNA/DUBCO DEAL is available not only to your employees, it is also available to their families, AT MARKET-LEADING rates.

We would like to remind members to fill out your pink slip.  If you did not receive a pack, please contact the CSNA Office on 045 535050 or email info@csna.ie

To join Dubco Ireland simply visit the website and fill in the online form: CSNA link

Dubco Ireland is the Credit Union for CSNA Members.  To find out more about Dubco Ireland and its services visit www.dubcoireland.ie