EagleMoss Clarify Their Position On Withdrawal From The Partworks Marketplac

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Distributors of Partworks EMNews were asked by CSNA to convey our alarm and concern that a portion of our business was being removed in full by the unilateral decision of EagleMoss to cease delivery of a substantial number of Partworks currently being collected by our customers.

We have also alerted the Department of Business and the Consumer and Competition Protection Commission to this underhand action.

We reprint the answers to questions posed to EagleMoss ;

  1. My customers that get the product every issue will get 2 or 4 parcelled together with the subscription model, depending on fortnightly or weekly. 
    Yes, they will receive one parcel a month
  1. My customer will have to forego the option that they currently enjoy of paying by cash per issue collected, this module only allows a card/PayPal option. 
    Yes, customers are being charged per parcel, not per issue.
  1. I’d need firm assurances that a company operating outside the EU engaged in distance selling of items that have an annual turnover in excess of €35,000 has registered their business for VAT purposes. 
    Eaglemoss is operating from the UK – still in the EU until end of 2020 – but fully registered to operate from the UK to the EU in the future.
  1. These changes could lead to an existing collector refusing to engage under conditions that they consider to be a material alteration of his supply contract with the Newsagent and subsequently threatens to sue for the value of the collection to date – in such an instance, will Eaglemoss be prepared to pay all costs surrounding such a claim? 
    The collections are still available for the customers to buy if they wish to, so we hope this won’t lead to legal action. We won’t automatically refund costs for claims, we would review on a case by case basis. If a refund was ultimately issued, we would expect the full collection to be returned in  condition.