Exclusive Legal Expenses Insurance Scheme For CSNA Members

Whilst many of our members are benefiting from the benefits, they are being provided with under the above ARAG Legal Expenses Insurance Group Scheme, I must say that the most frequently made comment by claimants is that they didn’t realise that they had such cover in place.

One such case involved a claim payment of a staff members Net Wages for time taken off work whilst engaged on Jury Duty.

Others were pleased to learn that following a full Revenue Audit their Accountant’s Fees were paid.

Such benefits are standard under this Insurance but there are enhancements under the CSNA Scheme listed as follows:

Standard Covers

  • Revenue Audits – pays accountants fees
  • Online Employment Manual, Employment Contracts, disciplinary etc.
  • 24hr 7/365-day Help Line – Legal Advice
  • 24hr 7/365-day Professional Counselling Help Line for all staff
  • Net Wages paid for Jury Service
  • Legal Representation – Employment disputes

Additional Covers Exclusive to CSNA Policy

  • Employment Practices Liability (Removes proviso to notify/follow Insurers instructions)
  • Contract Disputes (EG. Suppliers changing terms without agreement)
  • Sum Insured of €400,000 (Normal cover €150,000)
  • Cost €160 (Usual cost over €350)

For an annual Premium of €160.00 I believe that it’s fair to say that this is something every member should have.

Any members who are interested in making further enquiries should contact Stephen Black on 01 2988266, 086 0400568 or stephen@jdminsurance.ie