Has Your Retail Premises Been Served With A Personal Injury Claim By A Customer?

If a customer trips or falls in your shop they are entitled to request a copy of the CCTV of the incident. Think before you provide copies of CCTV footage to a customer.

As the shop owner it is your responsibility to remove the personal data of every other person who appears in the footage by blurring or redacting their identity. There are specialist companies who can assist you in this matter. Under GDPR you only have 30 days to comply.

Many firms of solicitors are happy to add breaches of GDPR to their letters outlining the “hurt, pain, humiliation and suffering” their client incurred whilst in your store. Do NOT rush into forwarding copies without protecting yourself from additional claims. We have secured favorable terms with Data scan for this and several other data security products.

It is quite possible that you may receive a request from either an existing or past employee, or a customer seeking access to written data regarding interactions that you have had with them. Sensitive data that does not belong to the “Requestor” should be removed from any documentation before you comply with an access request.

If you need video footage enhancement for criminal investigations, Datascan can and will give assistance.

Further details from info@datascan.ie and 01 806 8531, ask for Orla Cafferty and remember to tell them that you are a CSNA member.