The Department of Enterprise has not published the Regulations for the Sick Leave Scheme and we are concerned that many of our members who outsource their Payroll and HR matters may be unaware that the Software providers may not as yet have perfected their systems since they are awaiting the Regs. We are trying to get sight of them, even in Draft form but the Attorney General has blocked this.

If there are employees who call in sick, they should be appraised of the following

Payment will ONLY be made on production of a Sick Certificate

Payment will be at a rate of 70% of what the missed shift would have earned, up to a maximum of €110 (per day).

You have a legal duty to maintain a record of all Sick Leave Claims that were paid.

In 2023, an employee will be entitled to claim for 3 certified sick days.

Every employee who has worked for at least 13 weeks for the business is entitled to Statutory Sick Leave.

An employee cannot “carry over” unused Sick Leave days into the following year.