How to Enrich Publishers

How to Enrich Publishers

June 27th, 2016

Retailers continue to lose massive amounts of money weekly as a result of their failure to ensure News and magazine returns are processed in accordance with supplier guidelines.

Examples include:

  • Non identification on returns parcels/envelopes
  • Failure to tie up parcels securely
  • Including titles/barcodes not supplied by receiving wholesaler
  • Returns sent back beyond recall date

Every week we are shown examples where credit cannot be given because of the ramifications of the non-compliance with returns procedures. To compound matters the system will read the lack of returns as a sell-out resulting in the boxing out of further copies of the unrecorded titles.

We are fully aware of wholesaler errors and failure to allow proper credit and are continuously representing members where these incidents occur. However in your own financial interest we would urge every reader of this article to literally take stock of their returns procedures to ensure that discrepancies are not created at the shop end. Copies of returns procedures can be had from EM News/News Bros and Newspread by request if you have mislaid or lost your copy. Be aware that the publisher is the ultimate beneficiary of any shop end errors in your returns.

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