Hudson Uses Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ Tech in New Concept

The airport retailer will open Hudson Nonstop at Dallas Love Field Airport in March.

DALLAS—Hudson has partnered with Amazon to use Amazon Go’s Just Walk Out technology in a new concept dubbed Hudson Nonstop, Forbes reports. The test store will open in Dallas Love Field Airport in March.

“By seamlessly entering the store with a quick scan of their credit card, grabbing the items they’re looking for and then exiting, purchases can be made almost instantaneously,” said a Hudson spokesperson.

“The addition of Just Walk Out technology will help busy travelers to avoid waiting in line. They can pick up what they need and make their flight faster,” added Cameron Janes, vice president of physical retail at Amazon.

The new concept will not be completely unmanned. “We don’t intend to reduce staff, but transition our sales associates from being transaction-focused to sales-focused in order to prioritize helping the customer,” Hudson said.

Hudson already offers Tap to Pay options and Scan, Bag & Go services. “While a percentage of our stores already had traditional self-checkout capabilities, we have expedited the timeline for 250 additional self-checkout machines over the next two years,” the spokesperson said.

The airport channel has other cashier-free stores, including OTG’s shop at Newark Liberty International Airport. Hudson plans on rolling out other Nonstop locations at U.S. airports if the pilot goes well.

“In working with Amazon, we see them as a driving force in revolutionizing the digital retail landscape,” said Brian Quinn, Hudson’s COO. “Just Walk Out technology brings a convenient shopping experience at a time when health and safety is paramount. We’re (also) preparing ourselves for the retail evolution of the future—digital is the new retail frontier.”