Imperial/John Player Introduce Partial Price Increase from April 4th

We have been provided by Imperial Tobacco a copy of their Trade Price List effective 4th April.

As you are aware, you are obliged by law to sell cigarettes at the RRP as determined by the manufacturer/distributor, regardless of whether you obtain your supplies directly from them or from any other third-party source, irrespective of the cost price. There are no other Fast Moving Consumer Goods you sell in your store where you are not only not in control of your margin, but you are actually forced to sell the product at a price selected by the Manufacturer.

This year, the company has elected to withhold any increase to any of the range of Big Box products, effectively ensuring that the price set subsequent to last Octobers Budget remains the price (and the corresponding reduced Trade % margin) ALL retailers selling this range must adhere to. Imperial has 7 variants of Big Box, all of which “enjoy” a lower trade margin than that obtained by retailers selling the 20’s pack of the same brand.