Important Information Regarding Prepaid Vouchers And Cards

Dear Retailer,

It has come to our attention that a number of individuals have been phoning or visiting retailers claiming to be a Payzone representative and asking them to print prepaid vouchers and cards.

Payzone and our partners will never phone or visit a retailer and ask you to print a voucher.

Do not print or communicate voucher numbers to any individual on the phone.

There is a risk associated with transactions where the cardholder is not present. A chargeback request can follow.

Without authentication through PIN, the retailer has not received enough authentication and therefore, is liable for the transaction.

Pin requests are the safest way to ensure a secure transaction.

We have put together a printable notice for you to place in staff areas of your store as a reminder on how to manage prepaid products, and to remain vigilant.

If you receive a call or someone comes into your store asking you to do this, please notify our Customer Care Team on 0818 882 600.

Download Fraud Notice for Staff (See Here)

If you have any queries, please call our Customer Care Team on 0818 882 600.

Thank you,

The Payzone team