The Insurance Shop Tip 56 – Deep Fat Frying – Insurance Warranty

The Insurance Shop Tip 56 – Deep Fat Frying – Insurance Warranty

April 13th, 2016

Every insurer has a Warranty relating to Deep Fat Frying. I would remind you that a policy Warranty must be adhered to so as to avoid rendering the relevant cover invalid.

The wordings used by insurers vary to some slight degree but every insurer insist upon the following:

  • Deep fat fryers must never be left unattended whilst in use.
  • In addition to having a thermostat limiting the maximum cooking temperature to 205C, all deep fat frying units must be fitted with a separate high temperature limit control of a non-self resetting type to shut off the heat source if the temperature of the oil or fat exceeds 230C.
  • Two Class F fire extinguishers, (suitable for extinguishing oil and fat fires), must be located in the vicinity. In addition at least one adequately sized fire blanket.
  • All grease removal devices such as fume hoods, canopies, grease traps, must be cleaned at least once a week. The cleaning of ducting and extraction fan must be done by specialist contractors some insurers say annually but others say every six months.
  • Please remember folks that you are legally expected to have read and understood policy wordings from cover to cover. Some fellow professionals warn me that pointing out certain but not every policy condition exposes me to being vulnerable. Please keep reading and never stop asking questions

Always remember – call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.

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