The Insurance Shop Tip 57 – The importance of working as a group

The Insurance Shop Tip 57 – The importance of working as a group

April 13th, 2016

Is there anything that I can do to prevent my premium from increasing?

There are many actions with little or no cost that can be done.

We have on many occasions referred to the relatively small population size of Ireland as being the single most significant reason for our expensive premiums. Once again I compare our circumstances with our closest neighbors in the UK and population size alone presents us with a minute pool of contributors to the fund otherwise known as insurance.

I firmly believe though that our smaller size can be taken advantage of through working together, sharing individual experiences, problems and solutions.

Too often when I talk to a retailer not previously encountered I become frustrated hearing of a problem that they have experienced, the solution to which they were simply unaware of simply because they weren’t engaging with any group that regularly share experiences.

On this occasion I want to pay tribute to my good friends in the Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association, (CSNA), for their weekly Ezine, their regular communications with and between fellow members and what I believe to be their genuine efforts to bring retailers together and make every possible effort to lobby on their behalf.

There are for example far too many individuals who have felt frustrated and yet isolated having fallen victim to the likes of a liability claim. Please become more engaged. Many of you have experienced and dealt with issues that others can certainly benefit by if you share your experiences and believe me when I say that this was never more true than in the case of insurance claims!

Always remember – call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.

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