The Insurance Shop Tip 60 – All Staff Training Records must be signed by employees

The Insurance Shop Tip 60 – All Staff Training Records must be signed by employees

May 26th, 2016

As I have said previously injury claims are by far the biggest reason for the high premium costs faced by retailers and when you compare the 2 sources of these claims, (Employers Liability and Public Liability), the average claim from employees is 43% higher than from members of the public.

I honestly don’t for one second believe however that this fact reflects poorly in any way on employees because I can also report that the number of Public Liability claims are far higher. It simply reminds us that they tend to be of a more serious nature.

I am unhappy to say that when an accident involving a staff member is reported and I ask if there are any training records the response falls way short of providing the retailer with an adequate defence. Of those who do actually have any written records very few confirm that the employee has been provided with a written record of the training a copy of which is signed by the employee to confirm that they have undertaken the training and understand the correct procedures that must be adhered to.

These signed training records will prevent accidents and in the event that an employee incurs an injury when they have failed to follow the training instructions the employer will have some defence showing that should not be considered liable. I honestly do believe that staff will benefit from this practice and so in turn will the employer!

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