The Insurance Shop Tip 64 – Man found dead in “walk-in freezer”

The Insurance Shop Tip 64 – Man found dead in “walk-in freezer”

July 28th, 2016

I’m sure that many will have read the above headline in recent weeks of this horrible occurrence in Thornbury in the UK.

Some of you may say – “It was probably a heart attack – nothing to do with the freezer unit!”

Not the point!

The point is that you must have a written instruction to all staff, a copy of which has been signed by them to confirm that they have read and understood it. It should make it absolutely clear that no one is permitted to enter such a unit without first alerting the duty manager.

They must then be given a very strict limit as to how long they can remain without exiting and the duty manager must check once this time limit has expired that they have indeed exited and returned to their normal work station.

You may not be able to prevent a heart attack but please don’t allow some unfortunate victim to remain undetected overnight!

Always remember – call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.

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