The Insurance Shop Tip 65 – Fire

The Insurance Shop Tip 65 – Fire

August 11th, 2016

The first Peril listed on insurance policies and probably the first image that most people think of when they think about insurance. Although frequency is not high compared to most incidents giving rise to claims nevertheless when fire breaks out the damage suffered is regularly devastating.

Having recently attended the aftermath of a fire in a retail convenience store I witnessed a building that was gutted, contents and stock totally written off and a retailer distraught beyond words.

The forensic investigator thought initially found that it might have been caused by a mobile phone charger that had been left plugged in, powered on but with no phone attached. The tips of these units carry high temperatures that are potentially dangerous. Need I state the obvious – POWER THEM OFF WHEN NOT IN USE.

Further examination lead the investigator to believe that the fire was more likely to have been caused by a wiring fault. Some insurers insist that the wiring in an insured premises electrical system be inspected by a certified electrical contractor.

When was the last time you had the electrics in your shop checked?

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