The Insurance Shop Tip 67 – The potential danger of Display Stands 7th September 2016

The Insurance Shop Tip 67 – The potential danger of Display Stands 7th September 2016

September 9th, 2016

We should report to you that the number of Public Liability claims arising from accidents involving display stands is significant and in some cases the injuries have been quite severe.

Apart from saying that display baskets should not be located in the pathway of customers, there are 2 simple issues that come to mind immediately. In the first place there should be a collar placed around the base of these stands to prevent someone’s foot becoming caught underneath. In the second, the stands visibility must be highlighted by sticking bright colourful signage such as, “THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL OFFER!! in as many places as possible.

Then there are the display stands at the shop counter. The one’s that the kids are attracted to and while mother searches in her purse to pay the shop assistant the kids tug and toy with the display which can lead to it crashing down upon themselves. Can you say that it’s the child’s fault? No you can’t! Can you say that it’s the mother’s fault? No! It will be successfully argued that you positioned the display to tempt the child and in a location where mother was preoccupied with paying for her purchases. Please ensure that the stands are properly anchored and the heaviest items are at the base. Alert your staff to their duty to warn mother if they observe any potential danger.

On the topic of how to deal with children who might be acting in a manner that could be potentially dangerous to themselves or others, I wonder if any of my experienced retail friends have a friendly yet effective way of how to address what could be a potentially difficult situation.

Any suggestions very welcome!

Always remember – call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.

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