Irish Daily Mail Promotion – CSNA Advice

Irish Daily Mail Promotion – CSNA Advice

January 17th, 2020

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Irish Daily Mail Promotion – CSNA Advice

One Day Only Promotion – 18th January


The Irish Daily Mail are offering a FREE copy of the paper to customers who wish to trade in their old copy of Any National Newspaper.

Customers presenting any old national newspaper, can receive a FREE COPY of the Irish Daily Mail on Saturday 18th January as a “Trade-In”. Offer limited to one purchase per customer.

Retailers will be credited with €2.00 for each copy of Saturday’s Irish Daily Mail given away FREE.


CSNA Advice

In advance of tomorrows Irish Daily Mail Promotion – CSNA would like to remind members to advise their staff of the below


  • All old newspapers that are brought in and traded for a copy of the Irish Daily Mail 18th of January should be kept separate.


  • On Saturday you will receive a claim form which must be completed and attached with copies of OLD National Newspapers traded-in for FREE copies of Saturday’s Irish Daily Mail. These must be returned to EM News in a separate parcel for you to receive credit.


  • Please ensure that you make your evening time staff aware of the return’s procedure for the OLD National Newspapers traded in.


  • If you do not follow the returns procedure you will not receive the credit for the FREE Irish Daily Mail Newspapers that you handed out.


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