Irish Water – CSNA Seek To Meet Monopoly To Raise Queries On Billing Methodology And Leak Fixing Protocols.

In the past few weeks, several members have contacted us regarding what they consider to be anomalies in recent Bills.

The default pricing is to charge for the same volume of water leaving the premises as wastewater as that that is metered going into it, with a variable charge applied depending on volume.

As all retailers with delis and coffee docks are aware, much of the water purchased and used in their business does not remain on site and could not, therefore, be returned as wastewater. Many forecourts have motorists taking water for their vehicles and other purposes.

There may be some retailers aware that IW has a Scheme in place to have a variable applied once it can be demonstrated that the volume out is at minimum 15% less than volume in; we provide (here) some additional detail but will also be in further contact with all members subsequent to our meeting.

We will also seek clarification on what we would consider to be a very loose and ultimately self-incriminating requirement from IW on the process necessary to have credit applied for losses due to leaks.

If there are any other aspects of your business interactions with IW that you would like your Association to raise, please contact us.