Joe Tierney

The National Executive committee is a well-respected fountain of knowledge and I had hoped my joining it would be mutually beneficial to the Association as well as to my own business.

You get enormous satisfaction from knowing that the work you do, and the  progress you make, directly benefits the entire membership. You become more aware of the pitfalls of business, but you also find that solutions and help are close at hand. You have access to contacts in industry with your position as a member of the executive carrying much weight. You also gain so much knowledge as there is not one meeting at which you don’t learn something new.

If you are up for the challenge and can give your time to the Association you will be rewarded in spades. It’s not a stroll in the park and at times you might need reminding that your own family and business come first, but you will enjoy the experience so much you won’t want to step down at the end of your first tenure.

The two years (minimum term) that you serve will be as rewarding to you as it will be beneficial to the membership. CSNA is a transparent, not for profit Association and the sense that you are there for the good of the members never leaves you. You will make great friends amongst your fellow executive members and many contacts within the trade.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to serve on a number of sub committees and have been instrumental, with others, in achieving positive change for the direct benefit of all members in the areas of National Lottery, Payzone and Postpoint, News and Magazines and with Membership itself.