Judge Digs Into Poor Box To Assist Our Member

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A member of ours in the Midlands suffered a break in (thieves accessed the store through the roof) a number of months ago.

The matter was due to be dealt with in the District Court this week and the investigating Garda advised our member that he could attend if he wished. When the case was heard, and before the sentence was passed, the Judge invited our member to make her aware of the level of inconvenience and expense the break in caused. The Judge, hearing the repairs cost €1,500 instructed the Court Clerk to remove €1,000 from the “Poor Box” and give it to our member, explaining that the culprits, being addicts, had no income and as he hadn’t claimed on his insurance (the member said he didn’t because he viewed any monies the insurance company gave him as being a short-term loan that they would recoup in jig-time!)

Every now and then its nice to be able to provide a little bit of good news in these troubled times.