July 2019 – National Lottery agrees to CSNA suggestion on proposed changes to returns policy

We were pleased to inform our members that are PLI Agents that, following a series of meetings with Senior PLI Management (and a discussion with the Lottery Regulator), changes to the returns policy for unsold scratchcards have been agreed. Retailers that may not have sold all tickets following a planned and scheduled GAME ENDING process will be able to obtain a credit for the full wholesale value of the tickets.

Whilst the SUGO system, advance notice of closing and sales demand would ordinarily ensure that Agents would rarely have stock at the end of the sales period, there is always a chance that they may, an outcome that CSNA does not believe should impact negatively on the Agents.

The details of how credit will be obtained will be communicated to individual Agents; this is separate and different from the hard-stop games which were never in danger of having credit denied (once returned within the agreed period).

The principle of “sale or return” is very important for retailers, our discussion with PLI (which were cordial and professional) revolved around ensuring that this principle was retained.