Latte Levy

Members wondering when this levy will be implemented, what the charge will be, what administrative obligations they may have, the frequency of payment to Revenue and what( if any) exceptions or derogations may be permitted will have to await the outcome of detailed discussions between differing Department Ministers following an acceptance by the Minister for Retail, Damian English TD that there are still considerable obstacles to a seamless launch of this environmental initiative.

The Association was presented with a statistical analysis of the recent “Consultation” that was carried out by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications which showed a very clear number of retailers sought a derogation from charging for compostable cups. There were also a majority of those indicating any preference to opt for an Annual rather than quarterly return. About 75% of retailers responded in the positive to the question regarding the current practice of offering an allowance to those using their own containers.

While the Ministers (Ryan and Smyth) are keen to get a “green victory” in this matter, for retailers in particular, and society in general, it is vital that this Levy, the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and possibly the first in a long line of possible penalties for single-use plastics is directed in a manner that changes wasteful usage without affecting the purchasing of food and beverages.