Latte Levy -Deposit Return Scheme

The passing into law of the Circular Economy Act has paved the way for further initiatives designed to ease the pressure on Mother Earth while increasing the blood pressure of retailers expected to facilitate these actions.

The Department has drawn up a number of separate documents (See Here A), (Here B) designed to elicit additional information from a number of actors who currently use our hot drink offerings.

No longer hidden, now in plain sight, is the shameful admission that even if the cup you have accessed is 100% Compostable, it will still attract the suggested 20 cent Levy.

The industry bent over backward to change from single use , inexpensive, plastic cups to impressively designed Eco – friendly cups that were compostable ( and more expensive); the TV Camera crews were shown around Department pet projects in Leinster House and other Public facilities shown the socially responsible way forward, we have to confess we found it hard to accept some of the hype surrounding this Brave New World that would avoid the dreaded Latte Levy and said exactly that at Oireachtas hearings and subsequent Consultations.

Full Circle rather than circular economy- retailers are going to re-engage with Revenue ( for those thousands that closed their plastic bag account) and endure additional administrative costs, we must hope that it will not be at the expense of sales.

You have until 25th November 2022 to let the Department know your views.

The Association will also make our representations on the matter.