Lottery Agrees To Pay “Next Tier” Sellers Bonus For Capped Period

Following discussions between PLI and CSNA regarding the provision of a seller’s prize to Agents, we are delighted to inform members that it was been agreed that any agent that sells the winning ticket for the 2nd tier prize will receive a seller’s prize if the €19m capped Jackpot has not been won. The Lottery company has agreed to make a payment of €5,000 to those Agents, and have also agreed to reward retrospectively the sellers of last Saturdays draw, both of whom are Dublin-based. There are a further 2 Agent beneficiaries following Wednesday’s draw.

As members will be aware, CSNA negotiated the sellers prize concept at the commencement of the Lotto, ensured it was extended to apply to Euromillions and were also the primary negotiators on retention of the 6% Agents Commission with the Department of Public Expenditure at the time of the sale of the 20-year licence.