Marcella O’Neill

I joined CSNA executive in 2015 and it has been a most enjoyable and rewarding experience. I have acquired a greater insight in my own business from the people that I have met within the executive. CSNA has a wonderful office staff led by our CEO Vincent, Laura and Amy, they are passionate about CSNA and always at the end of a phone to help. The executive is made up of 9 members who become great friends, where you share a mutual passion and enjoy lots of hard work, great achievements and great fun.

The CSNA National Executive provide a great opportunity to network with fellow members and meet the companies that influence our business’s and most importantly, you have a say and can fight for direction of your business and your fellow retailers into the future.

CSNA provide an opportunity for personal development, you have to work outside your comfort zone, from presentations, giving speeches and negotiating with companies.

I would highly recommend being a part of the CSNA National Executive to any member, we as retailers are always so busy and we never seem to have enough time, but to be part of the CSNA National Executive should be for you as a person, for self-development, enjoyment and to gain knowledge which can help your business.